Formulated with peptides, botanical extracts, and natural amino acids, this divinely textured cream;

  • Visibly improves pigment distribution in the skin.
  • Illuminates the skin.
  • Is hydroquinone-free.



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This is the best cream for pigmentations i have ever bought, i had a huge brown spot in my forehead and it’s practically all gone without making the rest of my skin a different colour as other hyperpigmentation creams have done in the past. Absolutely 100% best cream ever!

safe brightening Cream!!!

I deal with a lot of pigmentation no matter what I do. Freckling, sun spots, etc. I love this cream because it really brightens my skin and evens out my tone, WITHOUT making my skin appear bleached out or pale. a lot of whitening products can leave my skin looking all over lighter, but I still see patchiness. This cream makes my pigment appear more subtle and less noticeable, but still keeps a nice color and tone to my skin (as I have tan skin) I don't want to have a pale unhealthy look to my skin but I do like to work on my pigment and this kind of balances everything out. it is also really really creamy and feels really rich and hydrating on my skin at night. I don't use this cream in the morning, only at night. I also like that there are no health risks with this cream. Some lightening products can be really scary and ultra aggressive, dealing with pigment but causing other problems.

Comfortable for oily skin

Love the texture. I have oily skin and I feel amazing with it. Plus it has anti-aging and brightening effects.

Customer Reviews

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After the G.M. Collin cleanser, mist and concentrate, apply a thin layer of cream to the entire face. To optimize results, apply after PhytoWhiteTM Serum. If used with PhytoWhiteTM Serum, you must follow with an appropriate sun protection before sun exposure.
Frequency: Morning and/or evening.

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