We cannot say it enough; your aesthetician is the best person to introduce you suggest treatments and products adapted to your skin's needs. Here are the top 10 reasons to visit an aesthetician:

1. Complete care experts

Aestheticians are professionally trained in skin anatomy and physiology. Their knowledge of skin types and conditions allows them to take care of all your skincare concerns. We would not take advice on any other service, from car repairs to personal care, from anyone but a trained professional, so why would we take skincare advice from anyone but a professional aesthetician when it comes to our skin?

2. Professional product knowledge

G.M. Collin’s Dermaceutical Academy offers its spa partners continual education allowing them to aspire to reach Master Status. This ensures that your G.M. Collin aesthetician has advanced product knowledge to recommend the best products to achieve your skincare goals.

3. Specialized in clinical treatments

G.M. Collin aestheticians offer specialized in-clinic treatments that contain a higher concentration of ingredients in combinations that are not available for homecare. These treatments provide exceptional results for all skin types and conditions that can then be supported with specific homecare products.

4. Wellness and stress relief

Spa treatments provide stress relief through relaxing self-care. Skincare treatments as well as manicures, pedicures and other treatments generally include some form of massage that assists to alleviate stress and promote wellness.

5. Body care

Aestheticians are trained in total body care allowing them to guide you to the best products and treatments to address all your body concerns, from ingrown hairs to cellulite.

6. Makeup services

Ever wonder how celebrities always look so good? They all have professional makeup artists at their service. Aestheticians are well trained in the art of makeup application, from contouring the face, to eyebrow shaping and colour options, they can transform your look from barely there to Hollywood glamour.

7. Relating recommendations to your lifestyle

Aestheticians work with you to assure the recommendations they make also fit with your lifestyle. They consider health concerns and medication that you are taking, as some may exasperate certain skin conditions. Some ingredients contained in skincare products may also be contraindicated when taking certain medications, which makes your aesthetician an invaluable partner for your overall skin health.

8. Cost effective

Aestheticians will keep you advised of ongoing promotions, new treatments and services to save you money on your skin health and beauty needs. You will also not be purchasing unnecessary products, only those that fit your beauty care requirements.

9. Educational partner

Your aesthetician increases your knowledge about your skin and its requirements. Some spas offer educational events for skin and body care as well as other services. Others prefer one-on-one consultations. Whatever method is chosen, this increased knowledge will empower you to ensure you a maintain healthy skin and body throughout your lifetime.

10. Lifetime relationship

Your aesthetician becomes your lifetime skincare partner to take care of your ever-changing skin, body, and makeup requirements. As our lives evolve, our skincare and makeup needs change. The products and makeup styles we had in our twenties would not fit the needs our skin may have in our forties. I am sure we have all looked back at photos of ourselves from twenty years ago and could not believe our style sense.

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