In this world of instant gratification, many can lose sight of reality and expect everything to be instantaneous. While we can achieve instant results with our appearance by applying makeup or getting a new hair colour or style, seeing results with skincare products can take much longer to be noticed. If we have not consistently taken proper care of our skin, the damage we sustained can be in the deeper layers of the skin. Therefore, it will take longer to achieve the desired results. All steps in a home-care protocol are important, so let’s see why, what they do, and how long it will take to see the benefits.



1. Cleansers

Although cleansers are the first step in any good skincare regime, you will not see a minimizing of fine lines and wrinkles from just using a cleanser. However, cleansers for acne prone skin are formulated with ingredients that target Propionibacterium acnes, aka Cutibacterium acnes. Therefore, acne should begin to diminish visibly within a couple of weeks. Cleansers should leave the skin feeling instantly clean, soft, and smooth.



2. Exfoliants

To achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time, a product must be able to penetrate the skin. If we have a buildup of dead cells on the surface of the skin, this will block a substantial amount of the product from entering the skin. Therefore, the desired results may not be achieved. When you being to exfoliate 2- 3 times per week, you will feel the results immediately and see the results in 2-3 weeks.



3. Treating Mists

Often the unsung heroes of skincare, treating mists make up the first treatment step in a proper home-care protocol. They infuse the skin with moisture and ingredients to target specific skin conditions. Applying a treating mist throughout the day brings added hydration to all skin types and sets makeup. Oily skin benefits from applying a treating mist throughout the day, as mists target the bacteria that causes breakouts and mattify the skin. Results can be seen in 2-4 weeks with regular use.



4. Masks

Often, this is a missed step in many home-care protocols. Masking is not only good for the skin, it also benefits our mental health, as we take 20-30 minutes out of our day to relax and take care of ourselves. Masking provides an instant result to the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and radiant with a healthy glow.



5. Serums

These powerhouse formulations provide results in very short time. Serums are formulated to treat specific skin conditions and concerns and, as they are applied before a cream, they do not contain the barrier protection ingredients that creams provide, which leaves more room for other ingredients. These formulations are super charged with targeting ingredients to provide visible results in as little as two weeks. Applying a serum, morning and evening, as an intensive 30-day cure, will dramatically increase the results.



6. Moisturizers

Whatever you prefer to call them, creams are extremely important, as they provide treatment, moisturization, and barrier protection to the skin. Creams are often designed to act as a complement to a serum regarding ingredients, i.e., they reside in the same family, and work in synergy with serums. Upon application, the skin will instantly feel comforted. With dry skin, the flakiness will disappear, the tightness will give way to a soft and hydrated feel, and the fine lines and wrinkles will lessen.


Oily skin will appear mattified without a tight feeling, as creams for oily skin should contain hydrating ingredients to keep skin cells functioning properly. Depending on the severity of the skin’s condition and the skin type, results should be evident in 2 weeks, increasing with continued use.