65 years of innovation


G.M. Collin celebrates its 65th anniversary this year.

G.M. Collin’s journey began in 1957, when the renowned Parisian dermatologist, Dr. Lapinet pioneered the use of collagen pellicles to heal the skin of burn victims and rebuild their health. The G.M. Collin brand was introduced in Canada in 1990. It quickly adapted to the North American market, by modifying and introducing new formulas suited to the skin needs of this clientele living in a particular climate.



Today, G.M. Collin products are developed and produced in Montreal, Quebec, by a team of scientists made up of chemists, dermatologists, beauticians and biologists. Along with its head office, the laboratory, conditioning centre, evaluation clinic and administrative departments, like sales and marketing services, are all housed under the same roof.

When selecting innovative, high-quality and high-performance ingredients from around the world, they choose ingredients from renewable sources to reduce their impact on the environment and preserve the well-being of communities. G.M. Collin is proud to be a local product and an eco-responsible choice.



To achieve unparalleled results from recognized expertise and innovative ingredients, the efficacy and tolerance of each product are confirmed by rigorous clinical studies carried out with a pool of over 1000 volunteers, of all ages, skin types and ethnicity. Evaluations are carried out on-site, in the evaluation clinic, throughout the year, and the seasons.

We are grateful for all our clients, collaborators and business partners who have given us their time and who have contributed to G.M. Collin’s success.